AOT/CC 1x1 rp with duchannes

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duchannes: oh hey, and its alright, i was super busy yesterday anyway lol Mar 26, 2016 20:57:06 GMT
duchannes: and oo this'll be interesting Mar 26, 2016 20:57:11 GMT
Paddfoot: just a heads up this will take a while to type up xD Mar 26, 2016 20:57:39 GMT
Paddfoot: woah Mar 26, 2016 20:57:44 GMT
Paddfoot: i said up twice Mar 26, 2016 20:57:46 GMT
duchannes: xD Mar 26, 2016 20:59:03 GMT
Paddfoot: btw when do you want to timeskip to when they're a little older? Mar 26, 2016 21:01:39 GMT
duchannes: hmm maybe after the test? or a bit afer that Mar 26, 2016 21:03:04 GMT
Paddfoot: okay Mar 26, 2016 21:05:46 GMT
Paddfoot: posted for Wammy's and hey that wasn't so long after all Mar 26, 2016 21:09:27 GMT
duchannes: alright Mar 26, 2016 21:09:54 GMT
Paddfoot: and ohhh dang i have no idea how L's going to break it to Sarafine once she finally finds out that he's a mortal XDD she's going to get reeeeally mad, I can guess Mar 26, 2016 21:10:56 GMT
Paddfoot: posted for both, now Mar 26, 2016 21:28:45 GMT
duchannes: posted on Wammy's, and sorry it took awhile, got distracted XD Mar 26, 2016 21:29:17 GMT
duchannes: but yeah sarafine will be soooo mad lol Mar 26, 2016 21:29:28 GMT *
duchannes: posted for Tunnels Mar 26, 2016 21:47:45 GMT
duchannes: Hey Mar 29, 2016 2:12:12 GMT
Paddfoot: sorry I haven't been on!! D: it's school again. I'll be really slow to reply but I'll try and do it as often as I can ^^; Mar 29, 2016 19:46:04 GMT
Paddfoot: I have to do some homework before I do anything tho, it's really annoying Mar 29, 2016 19:49:04 GMT
duchannes: Oh hey - im on break rn lol but dont worry its fine Mar 31, 2016 19:44:23 GMT